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You really really super super bro...i am big fan of your signals and trading super super....


Sir your accuracy..tolerance..and way of teaching is over the top...thanks alot for being genuine trader, good teacher . This is awesome training video.


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MyLive Trading is a part of MLT Markets that helps in forex, stocks, and other asset trading. We save time and cost for you by doing in-depth technical analysis necessary to define good entry and exit points.
Learn the fundamentals of trading binary options. Your broker will help you open a live account. Deposit the amount you wish to invest. Predict the price of the asset and select the specific option such as Call for (up), and Put (down) for fall. If your prediction is right, you win the trade.
We use the Telegram Channel to provide accurate signals after deep analysis on the market. The signals compromise Entry Price, Stop-Loss, and Take Profit.
MyLive Trading offers daily premium Binary options Signals in order to help traders start making the most out of Binary options trading and earn a consistent profit. Our mission is to help every trader to become long term profitable without having to worry about it.
Binary options can be a very quick way to become rich only if you have the skill. This skill takes years to build. People who are in the markets for years understand the ever changing market demands and act accordingly. One way to is to learn to trade like the professional traders. Another easier way is to take the exact same calls as the professionals and make money together. This is exactly what we offer in our signal service where all the signals are given by our professional traders.
No. Becoming successful in Forex takes years of hard work and patience. But with us, you don’t even need any past experience in the industry. You only have to follow our guidance. Binary options is simple and easy to understand. Our goal is to offer a top quality service for all types and levels of traders among our trading community. In any case, it is recommended to learn at least the basics of Binary Options in order to achieve better results.
First of all you need to know the basics of Binary Options trading. You will need a good broker next. After you’ve created a live account with your broker, you will have to deposit initial balance to your account. Then you’re all set to start trading.
More than 80% traders loose money because they don't have trading experience. What would happen if someone knew what 95% traders are doing? She/he could simply take the opposite trades and win 95% of the times. This is exactly what the market maker brokers do, as a result, they want you to loose your money so that they can win. This is why a good broker is a very crucial part of your trading journey. We recommend you to use reputed true ECN brokers only.
We have a team of profitable traders. By using our service, you can follow exactly what we are trading and we can make money together.